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        About- Cosmetic Pencils Manufacturers

        Ningbo Zeny Cosmetical Package Co.,Ltd is a young professional manufacturer specialized in plastic makeup pen packaging,mainly engaged in all types cosmetic pencils packaging design ,developing and manufacturing. Our product covers plastic mechanical pen,

        China Cosmetic Pencils,Eyeliner Pencil Packaging, Make Up Pencil Packaging Manufacturers

        ,liquid liners, extrusion pen, cosmetic accessories..etc. Striving in the pen packaging line for excellent and innovation to become a expert of developing & manufacturing, devoting ourselves in beauty industry is our mission.


        How could I send you an enquiry?

        Click "contact us", you will see our phone number and e-mail. you can also visit our Alibaba website, saleman are ready for you.

        What’s your delivery time?

        Normally it takes about 25-35 days after final samples confirmed and deposit received.

        How long will I get response after I sent an enquiry?

        Normally within 12 hours during work days and 24 hour in weekends.

        Can I have some free samples?

        Samples without color and surface handling demand could be free, only if you pay the express cost yourself.

        What’s your MOQ for order and color?

        Normally you need to order at least 12000 pcs for each item; And at least 10000pcs for one color.

        How could I order your products?

        Inquiry- Negotiation-Final samples confirmed-Buying contract-pay deposit-mass production-pay the balance-delivery.

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